Mother and daughter, a newborn studio portrait session

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Mother and daughter, a newborn studio portrait session A quick photo session was in order after Meg gave birth to her lovely baby daughter Kloé.  In order to bring out the adorable design of Kloé’s natural diapers and newborn pink skin, I set up a simple black background in the studio.  Kloé gave a great performance for Mom and the camera before deciding that she’d had enough.  It was a lovely morning at Studio Galerie B&B.

Parisian interiors: design and architecture

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Photograph of the designer interior of Le Georges restaurant, Paris, France.  This image is included in the Architecture Portfolio of Elise Prudhomme Photographer

Paris, seen from the inside For the past several years, I have been photographing Parisian interiors for home owners and rental agencies.  Using ambient light and tripod, working with long exposures and a low ISO, I render these spaces without artifice.  I am beginning to amass quite a collection of images showing the Parisian lifestyle at it’s most intimate: “chez soi” (seen from the inside).  The above chapter on Residential Interiors from my Architecture Portfolio includes some of this work.

Open House at DLP Paris

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Open house event photo shoot at DLP Paris DLP Paris, a production/animation company in Paris, asked me to photograph their open house cocktail party.  They could not decide between a standard photo shoot and formal studio portraits of their clients to be offered as gifts, so they chose both. I set up a Mad Men-style studio on site, using office furniture as a backdrop; a couple of stylish leather and chrome armchairs and a decorative Fresnel-ish lamp.  While encouraging guests to step into the ‘boudoir’ for a studio shoot, I worked the event with an on-camera flash (Mark III for the reportage and Hasselblad digital back for the studio portraits).  The art director was very pleased with the results!

Photographing the work of artist and sculptor Raâk

Commissions, Studio shoot

Photographing the work of artist and sculptor Raâk A chance encounter with Raâk during her successful exhibition of sculptures at Studio Galerie B&B led to a series of photographs of the remaining pieces in her collection.  Raâk works with different types of media, including terra cotta, wood and stone.  Working in a controlled studio environment, we selected a black background to bring out the terra cotta clay and ochre pigments that she adds when firing them.  Having gotten close to her work while photographing it, I can attest to the spiritual and spontaneous quality that it exudes and which so many admirers find enticing.

Parisian Prom Portraits

Commissions, Events coverage, Portraits, Studio shoot

Large format film portrait taken during Prom night at the Lawn Tennis Club in Saint Mande, France 2014 by Elise Prudhomme.

Parisian Prom Portraits Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose – Gertrude Stein I was asked to photograph a Parisian school prom and the theme was The Roaring 20’s.  Two outdoor studio setups, a 4×5 film camera, a Hasselblad digital back and a tennis club.  It was a challenging technical adventure and a wonderful portrait opportunity!

My Conquest of Space: a selection of photographs

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View of the back of Le Bourget Air and Space Museum as seen from a Boeing 747, France, 2012 by Elise Prudhomme

My conquest of space To close the 2013 season primarily dedicated to my photographic work Yours, mine, Le Nôtre’s, I propose a medley of my hobbies and my world, bonified by time like a Christmas Pudding. If a theme were necessary, it would be around landscapes whether rural or urban, and our modest or massive footprint on this earth. This is also an opportunity for me to revisit places that have built my relationship to the world (the United States, Italy and France) and evoke ongoing projects: You’ve Got Mail, The Glorious 30’s. Finally, I present a selection of findings from daily work that fill me with joy as a photographer. Ma conquête des espaces Pour clore la saison 2013 principalement dédiée à mon travail photographique Le tien, le mien, Le Nôtre, je propose un pot-pourri de mes marottes et de mon univers, bonifiés par le temps tel un Christmas Pudding.  S’il fallait un thème, il serait autour des paysages qu’ils soient champêtres ou urbains et de notre modeste ou imposante empreinte sur cette terre. C’est aussi l’occasion pour moi de revisiter des lieux qui ont construits mon rapport avec le monde (les États-Unis, l’Italie et la France) et d’évoquer … Read More

Christmas Pudding, a photography exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B


Christmas Pudding, a photography exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B Studio Galerie B&B associates, Elise Prudhomme and Philippe Bachelier, present Christmas Pudding: thirty-four color and black and white limited edition photographs (silver gelatin prints and c-prints) – choice photographic morsels to savor without moderation! The selection of work by Elise Prudhomme revolves around the theme of space conquest –  landscapes whether rural or urban and our modest or massive footprint on this earth. Opening on Thursday, December 12 at 6pm 10 to 22 December 2013 at Studio Galerie B&B, 6 bis rue des Récollets, 75010 Paris, France.

Photograph of Malik Ghat Flower Market exhibited at Espace Pierre Cardin


Aerial view from Howrah Bridge of people working at the Mallick Ghat Flower Market, Calcutta, India, 2009 by Elise Prudhomme.

Photograph of Malik Ghat, India exhibited at Espace Pierre Cardin My photograph of Malik Ghat, India will be exhibited at Espace Pierre Cardin, 3 avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris during the second week in October.  Part of a series entitled “Enterprising India“, this image of the famous Malik Ghat Flower Market was shot from the Howrah Bridge in Calcutta on a bright winters day.