A Garden Party at Brécy Castle

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Garden Party during Patrimony Day 2018 to commemorate Barbara Wirth at Brécy Castle Gardens, Saint Gabriel Brécy, France.

A Garden Party at Brécy Castle Patrimony Day in France happens once a year and enables curious visitors to see and experience treasures of French patrimony that are not typically open to the public.  This year, I had the pleasure of experiencing several special places dressed for the occasion under beautiful blue sky of mid-September all in one weekend.  The first and foremost is Brécy Castle Gardens, which I had already photographed in 2012 with a large format film camera. This year, a private invitation was launched to commemorate the fifth year of the passing of Barbara Wirth.  Gardener extraordinaire, she and her husband Didier orchestrated the restoration of the gardens of Brécy from their purchase of the château in 1992. We learn, in reading the marvelous and freshly published Florilegium of Brécy Garden by Béatrice Saalburg and Catherine Watters, that the key to the elegance of this garden is a striking harmony of “just enough” in Barbara’s selection of plants.  To complement graphically dominant yew, hornbeam and boxwood topiary, of which an intricate parterre de broderie on the ground level sets the stage for the terraces, Barbara added a savvy selection of roses, clematis, hellebore, lily and iris.  She … Read More

Entre Côtes | Photography Exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B


Entre Côtes | Photography Exhibition at Studio Galerie B&B From December 9, a sea wind will blow on Studio Gallery B&B at the occasion of the exhibition of two photographers, Entre Côtes. Elise Prudhomme presents a new series of large format pinhole photographs entitled Sands of Time, extract of an ongoing project on the evolution of the cultural landscape and the emergence of a new picturesque in the Cotentin. From the Atlantic coast to the inland, Philippe Bachelier walked his cameras through the Basque country on both sides of the Pyrénées. His black and white landscapes, printed silver-gelatin paper, recount the changing lights of the ocean and the perennial energy of nature. A partir du 9 décembre, un vent iodé soufflera sur le Studio Galerie B&B à l’occasion de l’exposition de ses deux photographes Entre Côtes. Elise Prudhomme expose une série de sténopés grand format intitulé Sands of Time, extraite d’un projet en cours sur l’évolution du paysage culturel et l’émergence d’un nouveau pittoresque dans le Cotentin. De la côte atlantique à l’intérieur des terres, Philippe Bachelier a promené ses appareils photo dans le Pays Basque, des deux côtés des Pyrénées. Leurs paysages en noir et blanc, tirés sur papier … Read More