Lieux-dits [Said Places] | Exhibition at Galerie B&B

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Exhibition announcement for the new analog photography series by Elise Prudhomme entitled Lieux-dits. Works from the series exhibited at Studio Galerie B&B.

Lieux-dits | New series exhibited at Studio Galerie B&B Photographic author, I use a variety of analog and digital cameras to explore the possibilities and limits of the medium. While my choice of subject matter varies from Landscape, Portraits or Interior Spaces throughout there is a humor, irony and an appreciation of the surreal. My latest series is titled “Lieux-dits”. This is a French toponymic term that literally translates as “Said Places”. It refers to small geographical locations that bear traditional names often based on some characteristic of the place, its former use, or a past event. These photographs represent events as well as places, as in a memoir. One single shot was not enough to express the feeling engendered by the locale. Through a creative use of multiple exposures to generate diverse reference points, the emotions associated with the “Lieux-dits” are anchored in memory. Taken during travels, when my sensitivity to my surrounds was most acute, they relate tales of encounters, lights and foreign languages during an adventurous time in my life. Lieux-dits | Nouvelle série exposée au Studio Galerie B&B Photographe auteur,  j’explore des procédés créatifs de photographie depuis la prise de vue jusqu’au tirage. La matérialisation d’idées … Read More

Exhibition Opening of Exposed [À découvert] at Studio Galerie B&B during Mois de la Photo OFF 2017


Elise Prudhomme exhibits at Studio Galerie B&B during Mois de la Photo OFF 2017.

Exhibition Opening of Exposed [À découvert] Using a medium format film camera, I conceived, shot (using myself as a model) and hand-developed these photographs during travels in the United States, Italy and Switzerland from 1988 – 1991.  The silver-gelatin prints were made by myself in a traditional analog darkroom in 2014 – 2015.  You can see this series during the Mois de la Photo OFF (Photography Month OFF) from 28 March to 23 April at Studio Galerie B&B in Paris, France. Here are a few images of the exhibition and opening. Studio Galerie B&B 6 bis rue des Récollets – 75010 Paris

Exposed [À découvert] | Exhibition during Mois de la Photo OFF at Studio Galerie B&B


Exhibition Poster for Exposed (A découvert) at Studio Galerie B&B from 28 March to 23 April 2017

Exposed [À découvert] exhibited during Mois de la Photo OFF from 28 March – 23 April 2017 In the midst of a garden, of the forest, perched on a tree branch or lodged in the shade of foliage, the naked body, divinely animal, inscribes itself in the order of nature.  But is there a place for it in the order of the real? The artist does not seem quite freed from this nostalgia of fusion with the maternal realm. For a moment, hidden at the top of a tree-refuge, she becomes a bird. The photographer’s eye forges unceasing images of a paradise where recovering the voluptuousness of flight proper to creation is the greatest desire. – translated from the text by Patricia Bourcillier Exposed is the first part of a body of work that I began in the 80s on the exploration of self and the photographic medium. It is followed, in the 90s, by a more intimate series called Self-consciousness. Au milieu d’un jardin, de la forêt, perché sur la branche d’un arbre ou lové à l’ombre du feuillage, le corps nu, divinement animal, s’inscrit dans l’ordre de la nature. Mais y a-t-il sa place dans l’ordre du réel … Read More

Exposed [À Découvert] | Exhibition in Paris at Studio Galerie B&B


American Gothic Revisited, Pennsylvania, USA. (series Modern Times) by Elise Prudhomme.

Studio Galerie B&B Exhibition in Paris | Exposed [À Découvert] Thirty-eight limited edition black and white silver-gelatin prints from the unpublished series entitled EXPOSED will be exhibited for the first time at Studio Galerie B&B. Opening: Thursday 10 December at 6pm Gallery hours: Tuesday – Friday 3pm to 8pm, Saturday 10am – 8pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm Trente-huit tirages noir et blanc gélatino-argentique en édition limitée d’un travail inédit intitulé À DECOUVERT seront présentés pour la première fois à Studio Galerie B&B du 8 – 25 décembre 2015. Vernissage: Jeudi 10 décembre à partir de 18h Horaires d’ouverture: mardi – vendredi 15h à 20h, samedi 10h – 20h, dimanche 10h – 18h